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Different Types of Scars

Scars are a fairly regular thing for the human body. There are several different types of scars to learn about. Once you know what type of scar you have, you can learn what method to use for managing and improving your scar.

Keloid scar – a raised scar that can be itchy and painful. After an injury, these scars can grow and expand for years. They do not reduce on their own.

Hypertrophic scar – a raised scar, red in color. Usually appear after a burn. These scars do not expand or grow.

Contracture scar – a scar that crosses joints or skin at an angled area; areas such as the underarm or neckline. Usually these are very uncomfortable and hinder movement.

Atrophic scar – a small, flat, and indented scar. Usually appear due to acne.

Our body’s natural healing process after an injury or laceration can often leave permanent marks that are less than desirable. A scar can be more than just unattractive, it can be irritating. Scars can become fainter over time, but not fully removed. You can reduce the appearance of your scar with a topical silicone gel. This tends to assist and even expedite the lightened appearance of the scar. Most topical gels can work for different types of scars. Silicone-based formulas are a popular option, partly because they apply easy and conveniently. Topical products will enhance the skin and make the scar appear less obvious. But it takes time. Some scars require the topical gel to be applied for many months. Websites such as http://scar-creams-info.com/keloid-treatment/ can be of assistance.

Different types of scars can mean different solutions. But often, deliver the same results. For example, how to get rid of acne scars? Maybe you cannot. There is not 100% assurance that it will be gone. Some severe scars require surgical removal. Keloid scars can spread so extensively that they look like a tumor or growth. In this case, a topical product will not be substantial enough. Also, extreme burn scars require medical attention. On the other hand, acne scars, chickenpox scars, stretch marks, and surgical scars can be successfully reduced by using a professional grade silicone product. Many cosmetic procedures can leave scars as well. Visit this website for info on skin issues.

Whatever type of scar you may have, understand that remedies are not a cure. But there are products available to reduce the appearance of the most common types of scars.