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How To Treat Old Stretch Marks

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Every day thousands of people are on the hunt to find out how to treat old stretch marks. Newer stretch marks are easier to manage the look of, but the white or silver older ones can be a smidge more difficult to visibly change. Many people think they are just stuck with stretch marks, or they are embarrassed to do anything about them for fear of showing them to someone else, which is how they end up not addressing them sooner. The medical way of how to treat old stretch marks can go a variety of ways in several different scenarios.

Your dermatologist can explain to you how to treat old stretch marks with microdermabrasion, which begins with an intense exfoliation of the marked areas, then a wand type of tool is used to sand the skin removing layers of skin cells and this provides your skin with a more smooth and even appearance. With several repeated sessions visible results will occur for most people, but not all.

Learning how to treat old stretch marks with laser therapy may be to your advantage, as the aim in this procedure is to darken older stretch marks so they appear to blend in better with your healthy skin. You can burn and bruise during laser therapies, but many feel they get quicker results in minimizing the look of their stretch marks. Click here to learn more about stretch mark treatments and alternative options available.

Figuring out how to help old stretch marks on your own at home isn’t a bad idea for those that have a smaller budget or a busier schedule than those that are into managing their stretch marks with the more invasive procedures. Keeping the affected areas of skin expertly exfoliated and then moisturized with a good stretch mark cream can go a long way in changing the appearance of your stretch marks. The earlier you can start with a topical solution, the better, but if you have older stretch marks, it’s a good idea to purchase a cream that specifically targets them.

How to treat old stretch marks is ultimately up to you and what suits your personal needs, but a little bit of online research at http://top-stretchmarkcreams.com/stretch-mark-treatment/ can be a good guide to help you find the perfect skin care regimen.