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Laser tattoo therapy

Q-Switch lasers are a laser tattoo removal treatment that uses special light that penetrates the skin and removes ink from the skin. Since there are excessive amounts of light applied to the skin at once, it breaks up the ink pigments to small particles.

Q-switched lasers are intended to remove the look of home-made tattoos, amateur tattoos and even professional tattoos. Although Q-Switched lasers can remove even some of the strongest permanent inks, it is not recommended for use on permanent makeup like eyeliners or lipsticks.

The amount of Q-Switch laser treatments depends on the amount of ink used and the type of ink that was used. Darker colored inks will be removed faster than lighter colored inks. This is because the laser light is mostly absorbed when used on darker inks like black, dark blue and red. If you have tattoos that are yellow or green in color, you will notice that these are harder to remove and more treatments may be needed. Look at a tattoo review site to see how laser compares to non-treatment options. A review of an alternative options such as this one http://tattoo-removal-support.com/evanesco/ is available on that site.

Tattoo removal with a Q-Switched laser can be painful for some individuals. If the treatment becomes too painful individuals may not sit through the entire treatment and maximum results may not be achieved. When using any form of laser treatments, or other options, you need to keep your goals realistic. Keep in mind that tattoo removal is not a one step treatment. It takes several treatments to obtain maximum results. One treatment may not offer any visible results. It may take 3-5 treatments to gain noticeable results.

Q-Switched laser treatments are expensive. When looking up prices at a spa that offers these services you will find that tattoo removal by laser can cost $80-$1,000. This is not the only option on the market that can help diminish the look of tattoos. More affordable, non-treatment options are sold online for at home use.

Fading gels for tattoos can provide adequate visible results. It may take a few weeks to achieve these visible results, but tattoo fading gels can be less painful and there are some products that can be used on any ink color. Please visit a site like http://tattoo-removal-support.com/ to find out more about tattoo gels that can fade the look of tattoos.